Becoming a World Class National Oil and Gas Company


Carrying out exploration, exploitation and production operations of world class oil and gas PEPC Regional 4 (Eastern Java and Eastern Indonesia) by adhering to the principles of HSSE, Good Corporate Governance, Moral Values, and partnerships through digital transformation on an ongoing basis to produce high financial performance to maximize added value to stakeholders.


Establishing “AKHLAK” Values as an identity and working culture adhesive that supports continuous performance improvement in PEPC Regional 4 with Main Behaviors that are aligned with the 6C Values and operational needs


Hold fast to the trust given.

  • Fulfill promises and commitments
  • Responsible for tasks, decisions and actions taken
  • Hold fast to moral and ethical values


Continue to learn and develop capabilities

  • Improve self-competence to respond to ever-changing challenges
  • Helping others learn
  • Complete tasks with the best quality


Caring for each other and keeping together

  • Respect everyone regardless of background
  • Likes to help others
  • Build a conducive work environment


Dedicated and prioritizing the interests of the nation and state

  • Maintaining the good name of fellow employees, leaders, BUMN and the State
  • Willing to sacrifice to achieve a bigger goal
  • Obey the leadership as long as it does not conflict with the law and ethics


Continuing to innovate and enthusiastic in moving or facing change

  • Quickly adapt to be better
  • Continuously making improvements following technological developments
  • Act proactive


Build a synergistic collaboration

  • Provide opportunities for various parties to contribute
  • Open in working together to generate added value
  • Mobilize the use of various resources for common goals

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