Safety Culture


PEPC ensures the key personnel appointed by the government as KATEK and WAKATEK of Mining to consistently implement HSSE aspects in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

This forum is a refreshment and discussion session related to the responsibilities as KATEK (Head of Engineering) and WAKATEK (Deputy Head of Engineering) of Mining. This is a communication forum aimed to improve the implementation of the HSSE Aspects based on the prevailing laws and regulations.

The activity was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources who also delivered material related to Upstream Oil and Gas Safety, so the event also serves as a refreshment training for PEPC’s KATEK / WAKATEK of Mining and enhancing their commitment of Safety

Keselamatan Hulu Minyak dan Gas Bumi

Mobile Demo Room

In prioritizing the provisioning / orientation program for workers to the HSSE aspects, PEPC facilitates workers with a mobile demo room. The Mobile Demo Room is a training room facility designed in such a way that participants get maximum information not only in classrooms, but also through props, sample documents, and videos and explanations related to the equipment used. This is intended so that the learning process can be maximized.

The Mobile Demo Room at JTB Field is certified and ready to use to improvethe Safe Work Practices of PEPC employees, contractors and subcontractors.

The mobile demo room is equipped with various equipment both audio-visual and HSSE props such as the Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) device, Full body harness, Life Vest, Inflatable boat, Toolkit, Safety Cone, Safety posters, Work clothes with reflectors and various other equipment.

Improved Safe Work Practice by running a portable demo room & work permit system. 2019 is the year when the Portable Demo Room has been certified (Go Live) and has been used by more than 1000 personnel, both PEPC employees, contractors and subcontractors until March 2020. Further developments in April, the Portable Demo Room was not activated during the Covid-19 pandemic, but CLSR training continues with the online method via the Microsoft Team.

Pembekalan HSSE dan Pengenalan Demo Room untuk Apprentice JTB selama 10 Sesi
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-17 at 09.46.50 (1)
Pembekalan HSSE dan Pengenalan Demo Room untuk Apprentice JTB selama 10 Sesi
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-17 at 09.46.53
Pembekalan HSSE dan Pengenalan Demo Room untuk Apprentice JTB selama 10 Sesi
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Safety Culture

Pertamina Corporate Life Saving Rules (CLSR)

PEPC provide training and coaching related briefing CLSR to all employees through the facility HSSE Demo Room or via online.

Pertamina Corporate Life Saving Rules (CLSR) is an area / type of work which is statistically a contributory factor to fatality incident. Therefore, risk control must be made to reduce the potential for accidents. CLSR is compiled based on statistical data of contributory factor fatalities in the period 2011-2018 in Pertamina’s operational activities, to be the main learning.

CSLR has the following 12 elements:

  1. Tools & Equipment
  2. Safe Zone Position
  3. Permit to Work
  4. Isolation
  5. Confined Space
  6. Lifting Operation
  7. Fit to Work
  8. Working at Height
  9. Personal Floating Device
  10. System Override
  11. Asset Integrity
  12. Driving safety

This is a basic safety rule that must be obeyed, explaining what is allowed and not done, when doing work in areas / types of work that have the potential ( contributory factor ) to the occurrence of fatality incidents and risk control efforts must be made to reduce the potential for fatality.

Corporate Live Saving Rules

Safety Enhancement Program (SEP)

PEPC seeks to accelerate the enhancement of the HSSE culture with a humanist approach through the SEP program. SEP or Safety Enhancement Program is a voluntary program to increase Safety knowledge and motivation in which every employee is inspired to understand safety awareness from a non-technical side.

This program is aimed at several levels of workers, namely:

  1. Management as the Site Top Leadership;
  2. Foreman & Supervisor as Site Middle Leadership;
  3. Workers as Safety Enhancement Orientation;
  4. And voluntary program, namely the Safety Administration Champion;

The Company believes that the improvedof Safety Culture from 2018 to 2020 is inseparable from this program which has affected from first levels of workers.

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Melanjutkan Sosialisasi SEO (Safety Enhancement Program) di GPF dan Drilling

PEKA (Safe Work Observation)

In ensuring that safe behavior and safe conditions are maintained in the work area, PEPC manages the Safe Work Observation (PEKA). PEKA are observations made by employees on HSSE aspects, both observations that are positive in nature or that of conveying things that still need to be improved (Area for improvement).

To increase awareness of work safety, employees are encouraged to be actively involved in discovering unsafe conditions and unsafe behavior in the work environment either by filling in a PEKA card (Work Safety Observation) directly (Manual) or via the online web so that as soon as possible they are found and acted upon so they are not will end up being an incident.

Based on PEKA’s analysis during 2020 to see the trend of HSSE findings as input for the HSSE program going forward. 143,876 PEKAs were recorded under the category of unsafe actions / conditions which were reported during 2020. The statistics on trends are disaggregated by 5 categories.

Of all the actions / unsafe conditions reported in 2020, the most categories were Work Area and Environment (38%) and Personal Protective Equipment (31%).

Of the categories with the highest number, the first one is regarding Work Area and Environment area, with most sub-categories regarding Cleanliness and Comfort and related to Barricades / Safety Fences.

While the second most, is related to Personal Protective Equipment, with most sub-category related to hand protection and eye protection.

PEKA by Category (Percentage)

Contractor Engagement

PEPC synergize with contractors and subcontractors in implementing HSSE in the work area, one of which is by implementing a contractor engagement program. This program is a meeting forum between the Company and the Contractor / Sub-Contractor, aiming at making a mutual agreement on the implementation of HSSE aspects in Operations.

On this occasion, a sharing session was held regarding the active implementation of HSSE from both the management of the contractor and the Company. Find various solutions to solve problems together.

In addition, also provided is a coaching session from Motivator with the hope of increasing awareness of safety from the participants, including lessons learned sessions from workers who have had accidents elsewhere, to share and take positive lessons from events

HSSE Contractor Engagement 2020
HSSE Contractor Engagement 2020

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