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One More Step PT Pertamina EP Cepu Completes Drilling of All Gas Wells

Bojonegoro (15/06) – The progress of the Jambaran–Tiung Biru (JTB) Unitization Gas Field Development Project in Bojonegoro which is managed by PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PT Pertamina EP Cepu) is increasingly showing significant achievements. Even though the conditions are classified as difficult, starting from the declining world crude oil prices to the health crisis that is engulfing the whole world, it has more or less affected the work of this National Strategic Project (PSN), but thanks to diligent, hard and measured work and following the protocol health, management and all PT Pertamina EP Cepu workers this can be passed.

After completing the drilling of four wells in Jambaran East (JE) which includes the JAM-3 well, the JAM-5 well and the JAM-8 well, as well as the completion of the existing JAM-4 ST well, this time PT Pertamina EP Cepu will start drilling the well in Jambaran Central (JC). which was marked by holding a prayer together with the community and orphans at the Jambaran Central location, Bojonegoro, East Java on Monday (15/06).

This joint prayer was carried out in a simple manner, and with limited invitations, while still implementing strict health protocols. As for Jambaran Central, there are two new wells that will be drilled this time, namely the JAM-6 well and the JAM-7 well.

According to PT Pertamina EP Cepu Drilling Engineering Manager, Bambang Purwanto, who was present at the joint prayer event, in carrying out this well drilling, his party asked for prayers and support from local residents, so that the process could run smoothly and safely. “We hope that this drilling can run smoothly and safely. So that 100 percent of the drilling work can be completed in November this year. We have completed 60 percent (4 drilling wells) in Jambaran East, hopefully with the prayers of community support this 40 percent completion (2 wells) drilling) in Jambaran Central can run smoothly and be completed according to schedule,” said Bambang.

According to Bambang, the drilling of two more wells in the JTB Project is estimated to take another five months. So that by November 2020, the drilling is expected to be completely completed. The JTB Project has a total of six production wells with a capacity of one well capable of producing an average of 60 MMSCFD of gas.

In the same place, Manager of JTB Site Office & PGA PT Pertamina EP Cepu, Edy Purnomo said the prayer was held in order to invite the community to support the smooth start of the drilling process at Jambaran Central. In addition to cutting the cone, in this joint prayer PT Pertamina EP Cepu also made donations to 74 orphans from surrounding villages. “We are holding a prayer together with representatives of residents and orphans. To mark the start of the drilling work, we will begin with prayer, so that prayers, community blessings and our prayers will all help smooth the work in Jambaran Central and the entire JTB Project,” said Edy.

Meanwhile, the Purwosari District who attended the prayer together expressed their full support for this work process. Purwosari District Secretary, Dyah Enggarini is also ready to help and support if PT Pertamina EP Cepu needs support from his side. “We will be ready to provide facilities or support for easy coordination if PT Pertamina EP Cepu needs it. Hopefully this project can help improve the economy in this region and Bojonegoro in general,” said Enggar.

As is known, the JTB project has a capacity of 330 MMSCFD, and is targeted to produce gas sales of 192 MMSCFD which is channeled through the Gresik-Semarang transmission pipeline. With JTB gas reserves of 2.5 trillion cubic feet (TCF), JTB is expected to have a multiplier effect, especially to overcome the gas supply deficit in Central Java and East Java.

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