Thousands of JTB Gas Project Workers Join the Flag Ceremony of RI’s 74th Anniversary

BOJONEGORO – PT Pertamina EP Cepu together with thousands of workers of the Jambaran – Tiung Biru Unitization Gas Field Project commemorated Independence Day on August 17 with a flag ceremony. Located in the Gas Processing Facility (GPF) Project Page, thousands of oil and gas workers from PT Pertamina EP Cepu itself and Industrial Engineering (Rekind), Japan Gas Corporation (JGC), JGC Indonesia or the RJJ Consortium and their sub-contractors such as PT YIN, PT Swadaya Graha and PT Total Persada Indonesia looks solemn to undergo a series of flag ceremonies.

The flag ceremony this time was led by the Head of the JTB Project Acceleration Unit from SKKMIGAS, Waras Budi Sentosa who in his remarks emphasized the role of the Government of Indonesia in overseeing the increasing role of Energy and Mineral Resources for Indonesia. In 2018 the ESDM sector contributed 53.5% of the National Non-Tax State Revenue (PNPB). In 2018, the realization of PNBP itself from the ESDM sector was 181% or Rp. 217.8 trillion of the APBN target of Rp. 120.5 trillion.

“The ESDM sector also increased national investment by US$ 32.3 billion in 2018, from previously US$ 27.5 billion in 2017,” added Waras.

This is of course also in line with PT Pertamina EP Cepu’s commitment to become a Contractor for the JTB Gas Field Project Cooperation Contract. Currently the development of GPF has reached construction progress of 25% or 1% faster than the 24% target in Semester I of 2019.

Meanwhile Iwan Hamzah, Manager of GPF Construction & Pipeline said the importance of GPF for the JTB project.

“This GPF is a facility that functions to produce gas from the Jambaran-Tiung Biru Unitization Field with an average raw gas production of 315 MMSCFD and an onstream/commercial gas target in 2021 with gas sales of 192 MMSCFD. The GPF that will be built uses technology and is designed to get operational reliability and is environmentally friendly to produce for 25 years,” said Iwan.

In commemoration of August 17, 2019 at this year’s JTB Project, which was also attended by Firman Arif, representing the PT Pertamina EP Cepu Management Team and also Sabilal Arif, representing the RJJ Management, after the flag ceremony, more than 1,800 workers participated in competitions, such as moving water with scoop, dance with balloons, move ping pong balls, eat crackers, and some even have something different, namely decorating shelters and decorating heavy equipment.

“We are all part of the Jambaran – Tiung Biru Project. Working safely is our choice. And today, on Independence Day on August 17th, we together carry out a flag ceremony as a form of our respect for our beloved country, Indonesia. Hopefully in the future with this red and white spirit, the JTB Project, which includes the construction of GPF & PL and Drilling Works can be carried out with enthusiasm like the enthusiasm of the freedom fighters so that it can run smoothly according to the target, without any obstacles, “said Kunadi, Manager of JTB Site Office & PGA.

Specifically for Drilling, currently, PT Pertamina EP Cepu is conducting an inspection of the completeness of the rig equipment, and ensuring that all the equipment needed for drilling readiness is available so that it is expected to be ready for well drilling starting September 2019.

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