Pertamina EP Cepu Optimistic to Manage JTB Independently

JAKARTA – PT Pertamina (Persero) has officially signed the Amendment to the Joint Operation Agreement (JOA), Unitization Agreement (UA), Unitization Operation Agreement (UOA), Termination of Cepu Gas Marketing Agreement (CGMA) and Settlement Agreement with Exxonmobil regarding the transfer of management of the Unitization Project. Jambaran Tiung Biru (JTB) Gas Field located in Bojonegoro, East Java, on Friday, (11/3/2017).

The signing which took place at Pertamina’s Head Office, Jakarta was witnessed by Pertamina Upstream Director Syamsu Alam, Gas Director Yenni Andayani, Pertamina EP Cepu (PT Pertamina EP Cepu) President Director Adriansyah and Exxonmobil Cepu Limited, Daniel L Wieczynski. In the future, JTB which is included in one of the government’s strategic programs will be managed directly by Pertamina through its subsidiary, PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PT Pertamina EP Cepu).

Pertamina Upstream Director Syamsu Alam said that the management of JTB was the first largest project handled by Pertamina’s Upstream Directorate. Therefore, it requires special attention in its implementation so that everything can run well.

“For the Upstream Directorate, this is the largest project for the first time that we will handle. According to the message that is always conveyed from the President Director, we must run it well so that the execution will also be on time, at the right cost,” he said

As a first step, Alam hopes that Pertamina EP Cepu can execute the JTB management project properly. He also advised all workers to continue to prioritize Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) as the main guideline in carrying out work.

Meanwhile, President Director of Pertamina EP Cepu (PT Pertamina EP Cepu) Adriansyah welcomed the assignment given by Pertamina to PT Pertamina EP Cepu to be able to fully manage JTB without interference from Exxonmobil. He is optimistic that all PT Pertamina EP Cepu ranks will be able to carry out this mandate.

“This is actually a challenge for all of us. I am sure with the support of all parties, we can do this,” said Adriansyah.

Furthermore, Adriannyah hopes that the entire process of transitioning the management of the JTB project can proceed immediately without any significant problems. Considering the management of JTB as a very meaningful momentum for Pertamina EP Cepu. “Now we are able to execute the Jambaran Tiung Biru project, which we hope to be onstream in 2021. Hopefully everything can run smoothly. This is a very important momentum for Pertamina, especially Pertamina EP Cepu,” he concluded.

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