PT Pertamina EP Cepu-sosialisasi kaliombo

Pertamina EP Cepu Implements Sanitation Program in Kaliombo

BOJONEGORO – Sanitation that has not been properly maintained is still part of the culture of the people of Kaliombo Village, Purwosari District, Bojonegoro. These conditions affect the quality of life of the community, even if left unchecked can contaminate the environment, land, air and water.

Therefore, when the district government launched the Healthy and Smart Village Movement (GDSC), Kaliombo Village became one of the villages targeted for village sanitation health socialization. With the background of this movement, PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PT Pertamina EP Cepu), once again helped Kaliombo Village by holding a Community Health Improvement Program through Access to Sanitation together with the NGO Paratazkia.

There are 130 families who will receive healthy latrine assistance from the operator of the Jambaran-Tiung Biru (JTB) Gas Field Project.

“Continuing the previous program, we together with Paratazkia carried out this activity, to campaign for healthy living and prevent people from getting used to maintaining sanitation. The goal is to improve the sanitation quality of the Kaliombo community,” said Edi Arto as PT Pertamina EP Cepu Community Relations & CSR.

The people of Kaliombo are very enthusiastic about welcoming this program, as evidenced by the presence of the majority of beneficiaries to participate in the socialization at the Kaliombo Village Hall.

“We are very grateful for this assistance, we hope that with this program, the people of Kaliombo will find it easier and more aware of healthy behavior,” said the Head of Kaliombo Village, Dasmin.

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