Pertamina EP Cepu Ajak Vendor Drilling untuk Bersinergi dan Berikan Kontribusi Terbaik

Pertamina EP Cepu Invites Drilling Vendors to Synergize and Give the Best Contribution

JAKARTA – Pertamina EP Cepu (PT Pertamina EP Cepu) held a JTB Drilling Vendor’s Day by inviting drilling vendors involved in the Jambaran-Tiung Biru Unitization Gas Field development project. The activity, which was initiated by the PT Pertamina EP Cepu SCM function, was held at the Yudistira Ball Room, Patra Jasa Tower, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/8).

The event themed “Increasing Local Capacity Towards National Capacity Through Synergy Between PT Pertamina EP Cepu and JTB Drilling Vendors” was opened by PT Pertamina EP Cepu SCM Manager Fransjono Lazarus. “We hope that the cooperation between PT Pertamina EP Cepu and drilling vendors involved in the JTB project can optimize local resources around the Project Area,” he said.

Meanwhile, Pertamina EP President Director Cepu Jamsaton Nababan explained that this event was intended to provide a complete picture of the position or status of the JTB project. “In this way, drilling vendors can explain the maximum contribution made to the implementation of this project, especially in the success of drilling work,” he explained.

Jamsaton also reminded to place the HSSE aspect as a priority that must be obeyed and implemented by every personnel working on the JTB Project.

“Contributions and cooperation from all parties are needed considering that the JTB project has been named by the government as a national strategic project and has become one of the national acceleration projects. This is a big mandate that we must live together,” he added.

According to Jamsaton, the gas-producing project will be utilized by PLN and other industries located around the Gresik Semarang pipeline (Central Java and East Java). “So how very strategic the JTB Project is being carried out,” added Jamsaton.

The same thing was conveyed by the Deputy for Procurement Control of SKKMIGAS, represented by Dino Adrian. He even appreciated the Vendor Day activities by PT Pertamina EP Cepu. “We from SKKMIGAS appreciate the Vendor Day event held by PT Pertamina EP Cepu, we hope that our partners can contribute and synergize maximally on the JTB project,” he said.

On this occasion, PT Pertamina EP Cepu and vendors explained the activities that have been carried out and what will be done in the JTB project and continued with questions and answers. In addition, the participants who attended also made a Declaration and Joint Commitment to the HSSE Aspects of Drilling Activities at the Jambaran – Tiung Biru Gas Development Project.

GM Gas Project JTB PT Pertamina EP Cepu Bob Wikan H. Adibrata invites partners to coordinate with the PT Pertamina EP Cepu drilling team. “Coordination can be done to arrange the delivery of incoming materials to the location and preparation of other work related to drilling activities,” he said.

Bob also reminded that everything in the JTB project, be it PT Pertamina EP Cepu and partners, is a team.

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