PT Pertamina EP Cepu Holds STK Socialization for Geoscience Function

JAKARTA – PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PT Pertamina EP Cepu) again held a socialization of the work system (STK). STK socialization of each function at PT Pertamina EP Cepu, at PT Pertamina EP Cepu Head Office, Patra Jasa Building, Jakarta, recently. STK socialization was carried out by a team from the Geoscience function with speaker I Komang Andika Aris Permana. Present at the event were Adi FM Ringoringo as Manager of Risk & Quality Management (R & QM), PT Pertamina EP Cepu Management team, and PT Pertamina EP Cepu workers.

In the opportunity, I Komang Andika Aris Permana explained about the oil and gas search process, how to find oil and gas sources, exploration and drilling activities, field development activities to production activities to lift oil and gas above the earth’s surface which can take quite a long time. Then continued with an explanation of the petroleum geoscientist and subsurface activities which include new well delivery, base management, and reservoir management.

“The Geoscience function contained in the Pertamina Upstream Development Way (PUDW), is tasked with and involved in upstream project development activities, starting from the initiation, selection, further study, to execution stages. All project activities from the initiation stage to execution are carried out by the project team of the upstream subsidiary under the guidance of the UPD. The stages of initiation, selection, further study and execution each have goals, activities, outputs/deliverables, and document references,” he explained.

To accommodate the scope, duties, and responsibilities of the Geoscience function, five STKs have been issued since 2017, namely the work planning for the Geoscience function (exploration and development) of the Cepu block, supervision of geoscience work implementation, subsurface studies related to exploration and development of existing fields, company reporting related to the field of geoscience, as well as the work process of evaluating the GGR structure/oil and gas field.

The STK includes the relationship between the Geoscience team and PT Pertamina EP Cepu partners (ExxonMobil Cepu Limited or other contractors) and as operators.

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