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Welcoming Pertamina’s transformation, Pertamina EP Cepu won 3 Best Awards and 2 Platinum CIPs at APQA 2020

PT Pertamina EP Cepu won three awards, two Platinum and three Gold at the prestigious Pertamina Quality Personnel (Persero) Annual Pertamina Quality (APQ) Awards 2020. The event, which took place online, Thursday (2/7) is an annual activity from PT Pertamina EP Cepu. Pertamina (Persero). This year’s APQ Awards carries the theme “Levelling Up Competitiveness Through Synergy in Quality Improvement.”

PT Pertamina EP Cepu President Director Awang Lauzardi, congratulated the winners who managed to get the award. “I congratulate the winners at the 2020 APQ Awards, especially PT Pertamina EP Cepu workers who have worked hard to get the award,” he said.

Not only that, he also hopes that in the future PT Pertamina EP Cepu workers can innovate with newer ideas. The results of the hard work that have been obtained so far are expected to be maintained and improved.

He also advised everyone at PT Pertamina EP Cepu not to be complacent with what they have got now. “Don’t be complacent, keep on innovating because the challenges in the future will be even tougher if you don’t innovate, the results you currently get may not necessarily be obtained,” Awang said.

In addition, Whisnu Bahriansyah VP, Legal & Relations is proud of PT Pertamina EP Cepu’s achievements. “We are proud to receive this award, because it proves that PT Pertamina EP Cepu can compete on an equal footing with other Pertamina subsidiaries, and this is a challenge for us to be better in the future,” he said.

Pertamina EP Cepu won the category of The Best Performance Excellence, The Most Value Creation Achievement and Special Recognition For Upstream Cost Production. This achievement is a tangible manifestation that a culture of innovation and continuous improvement at the business and operational levels has been running at PT Pertamina EP Cepu,

The Best Performance Excellence category was awarded to PT Pertamina EP CEPU which managed to maintain and improve the main performance based on the results of the Quality Management Assessment in the last two years, The Most Value Creation Achievement category was awarded to PT Pertamina EP CEPU which managed to obtain an average value creation value in the QCDSM aspect The best and the Special Recognition For Upstream Cost Production category were awarded to PT Pertamina EP CEPU for being the most optimal in the management of Cost Production in Upstream in the 2020 APQ Awards.

One of the winners of the Platinum Award was the FT Prove Mc Split Seal. This is an innovation of PT Pertamina EP Cepu that can reduce maintenance costs through mechanical split seal innovation on the raw water intake pump at the Banyu Urip production facility of PT Pertamina EP Cepu

PT Pertamina EP Cepu owns the Banyu Urip field which has been operating for ± 5 years and has produced 225,000 BOPD of oil. The need for water to maintain well pressure and utility facilities is met by pumping water from the Bengawan Solo River using three River Water Intake (RWI) pumps. The problem that often occurs in RWI pumps is mechanical seal failure due to changes in process fluid parameters, where the water fluid from the Bengawan Solo River contains a lot of mud (solid particles), especially during the rainy season, with the actual Specific Gravity (SG) 1.1 – 1.3 where design SG 0.99.

In addition, with the RWI pump design which is a vertical pump, it is necessary to dismantle the equipment/parts above the seal chamber, so it takes a long time to replace the leaking mechanical seal, therefore maintenance costs will increase because it takes time. than 10 days and a lot of Man power to do mechanical seal replacement activities. Failure of the three RWI pumps will potentially lose 50 KBOPD or equivalent to 24 billion rupiah per day. The results of the risk analysis show that this main problem has a high level of risk (High).

Changes in the process fluid are the main factors that cause a decrease in the reliability of the mechanical seal, the mud carried from Bengawan Solo water causes damage to the internal mechanical seal parts such as springs, O-rings and Seal faces, this is because the RWI pump has an API Plan 13 design where the source The fluid is a process fluid and flows to the pump discharge. The design of the old mechanical seal (existing) is a mechanical seal type 1648 single cartridge (Rotor type-Pusher seal (O-ring)).

With this damage, modifications and improvements were made to the mechanical seal design with the aim of increasing the reliability of the mechanical seal and reducing work time which will reduce the amount of maintenance costs.

With the innovation of changing material specifications and types from mechanical seals to carbide silica and split seal types, it has been proven and succeeded in overcoming the problem of service fluid leakage in the RWI Pump mechanical seal through the Re-engineering stage, comprehensively and on time so that the idea has a very significant impact. to a decrease in maintenance costs at RWI Pump around Rp. 1.9 billion or a decrease in maintenance costs by 74% from the initial cost and can increase pump reliability to 97% from 60% previously.

In addition to FT Prove Mc Split Seal, another team that received the Platinum Award was PC Prove Comfin Spirit with the title of Innovation Increasing Company Profits of Rp. 6.96 Billion with the REDATA System Innovation (Reimbursement of Bailout Funds) between Parties in the Cepu Working Area at Pertamina EP Cepu. Where PT Pertamina EP Cepu carried out the process of commercializing lifting arrangement assistance with parties in the Cepu Block so that all Banyu Urip crude oil production produced in the Cepu Block could be lifted properly.

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