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Make Sure the Project Can Be On Time, BTP Makes A Working Visit To JTB

Bojonegoro (08/04) – The Board of Commissioners of PT Pertamina (Persero) paid a working visit to the Jambaran – Tiung Biru (JTB) Gas Unitization Field Development Project operated by PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PT Pertamina EP Cepu) in Bojonegoro, East Java on Thursday (08/04). 04).

Welcomed by the President Director of PT Pertamina EP Cepu, Awang Blueuardi, President Commissioner Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said that this work visit activity was routinely carried out. Along with the President Commissioner, Pertamina’s Upstream Subholding CEO Budiman Parhusip, PT Pertamina EP President Commissioner Cepu Gandhi Sriwidodo, and other Pertamina Management ranks were also present.

The working visit of the President Commissioner to the location of the Jambaran – Tiung Biru (JTB) Unitization Gas Field Development Project in Bandungrejo Village, Bojonegoro. Komut hopes that JTB Project activities can be on-stream soon in November 2021.

“Appreciation to PT Pertamina EP Cepu for overseeing this JTB Project well and smoothly. Overall, the JTB Project is on the track, we hope to be on-stream soon in November 2021. Especially for JTB Project workers, work safely and go home safely.” said Basuki Tjahaja Purnama. He added that with the on-stream target, it is hoped that energy needs, especially from the gas sector, can be accommodated immediately.

Pertamina developed the Jambaran-Tiung Biru (JTB) Unitization Field Gas Development Project to meet national energy needs. In the future, the JTB Project can contribute 192 MMSCFD of gas energy during the production period. The JTB project will provide a multiplier effect in providing gas supply for various industrial sectors in Central and East Java. In addition, in partnership with ExxonMobil Cepu Limited, Pertamina is involved in a 45% stake in the Banyu Urip Oil Field.

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