Escorting National Strategic Projects, Pertamina EP Cepu Conducts Initial EPC GPF Piling

Bojonegoro (4/1) – PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PT Pertamina EP Cepu) conducted the installation of the Initial EPC Gas Processing Facility (GPF) for the Jambaran – Tiung Biru (JTB) unitization gas field development project in Bojonegoro on Friday, January 4, 2019.

The event was attended by the Upstream Director of PT Pertamina (Persero), Dharmawan H Samsu, SKKMIGAS Deputy Operations Fatar Yani Abdurrahman, and Chairman of the Bojonegero DPRD Sigit Kusharijanto.

The Jambaran-Tiung Biru (JTB) project managed by PT Pertamina EP Cepu is one of the National Strategic Projects (PSN) that has been determined by the Committee for the Acceleration of Priority Infrastructure Provision (KPPIP).

Pertamina Upstream Director Dharmawan Samsu said the installation of the Prime EPC Gas Processing Facility was one of the important moments of the JTB project. “The GPF EPC project functions to produce gas and condensate from the Jambaran-Tiung Biru Unitization Field with an average raw gas production of 315 MMSCFD and a target of onstream/commercial gas in 2021 with gas sales of 192 MMSCFD. The GPF that will be built uses technology and is designed to get operational reliability and is environmentally friendly to produce for 25 years, “explained Dharmawan.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PT Pertamina EP Cepu, Jamsaton Nababan, explained that currently, the progress of the EPC GPF has reached 12% and it is hoped that progress will progress according to the S-Curve that has been agreed between PT Pertamina EP Cepu and the RJJ consortium as the executor of the work. “This work is carried out in parallel and simultaneously from the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction work so that the Commissioning and Project Completion EPC GPF can be carried out in 2021,” added Jamsaton.

The gas production of 192 MMSCFD will later be channeled through the Gresik-Semarang transmission pipeline. With JTB gas reserves of 2.5 trillion cubic feet (TCF), JTB is expected to provide a multiplier effect, especially to overcome the gas supply deficit in Central and East Java.

The chairman of the Bojonegoro DPRD, Sigit Kusharijanto, expressed his support for the JTB project which can provide a multiplier effect for the people of Bojonegoro. Furthermore, Sigit also appreciated PT Pertamina EP Cepu’s efforts to implement CSR programs in the Bojonegoro area. Present at the inaugural inauguration, the Deputy for Operations of SKK Migas, Fatar Yani Abdurrahman, gave similar support. “The JTB project is a big project full of challenges and is also part of the National Strategic Project. We really appreciate PT Pertamina EP Cepu and the RJJ Consortium, good cooperation and high professionalism are needed so that project work goes according to plan,” said Fatar Yani.

PT Pertamina (Persero) is optimistic that PT Pertamina EP Cepu, which previously contributed 25% of national crude oil production through the Banyu Urip Field, will show its work commitment in overseeing the JTB project so that it is completed on target. The JTB project is projected to increase state revenue from US$3.61 billion during the production sharing contract (PSC).

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