Kaliombo Youth Youth Organization Empowers the Environment With PT Pertamina EP Cepu Support

Bojonegoro – Karang Taruna Bhakti Manunggal, Kaliombo Village, in a participatory and enthusiastic manner, is focusing on developing natural resources in its area. They use the reservoir as a productive activity so as to provide more benefits to the Kaliombo community itself.

This can be realized with the support of PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PT Pertamina EP Cepu) which provides assistance in the form of 30 thousand fish seeds which are stocked in village ponds as productive economic activities in the future. The 30 thousand fish seeds consist of 20 thousand Tilapia fish and 10 thousand Tawes fish seeds. The thousands of fish seeds were handed over directly by PT Pertamina EP Cepu Socioeconomic Drilling, Andi Yulius to the Karang Taruna Bhakti Manunggal Representative, witnessed by the Head of Kaliombo Village, Rohmad Edi Suyanto at the dam of Jambaran Hamlet, Kaliombo Village, Purwosari District, Bojonegoro on Tuesday (29/12).

In addition to fish seeds, so that the fish cultivation process provides maximum and sustainable results, PT Pertamina EP Cepu also provides 2 nets to be used as guardrails in the reservoir.

One of the members of Karang Taruna Bhakti Manunggal, Purwanto expressed his gratitude to PT Pertamina EP Cepu for actively providing support to the people of Kaliombo as well as using the pond land for the community’s economic activities. According to Purwanto, this activity is very helpful for Kaliombo’s human resources in developing the existing potential.

“We invite the young generation of Kaliombo to utilize natural resources in a productive and sustainable way. We will use the assistance from PT Pertamina EP Cepu carefully so that it can be successful so that it can be felt by the wider community of Kaliombo,” said Purwanto.

Meanwhile, Andi Yulius who represents PT Pertamina EP Cepu hopes that this program can provide sustainable benefits for the people of Kaliombo in the future. “We appreciate the friends of Karang Taruna Kaliombo who have productive plans and activities. For this reason, PT Pertamina EP Cepu contributes to these kinds of things because of its purposeful designation,” said Andi.

This activity is carried out by involving various potential natural resources and existing human resources. Previously, Karang Taruna Bhakti Manunggal had reviewed the prospects of this managed business that would provide benefits that could be enjoyed by the entire community of Kaliombo Village.

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