10 Program CSR PT Pertamina EP Cepu untuk Masyarakat Bojonegoro

10 PT Pertamina EP Cepu CSR Programs for the Bojonegoro Community

BOJONEGORO – President Director of PT Pertamina Exploration and Cepu Production (PT Pertamina EP Cepu) Jamsaton Nababan symbolically handed over 10 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs to representatives of program recipients in the Angling Dharma room of the Government of Bojonegoro Regency, East Java, Monday (18/12/2017). ). The handover was witnessed by the Regent of Bojonegoro, Suyoto, and the Head of the JTB Gas Development Project Acceleration Unit, Agus Budianto.

The CSR programs that were handed over were an applied automotive engineering training program for six mechanics assisted by PT Pertamina EP Cepu, increased creativity of batik craftsmen for 25 craftsmen, assistance with information and technology (IT) equipment for SDN 1 and SDN 2 Bandungrejo, Ngasem District. Then the Sehati program for increasing the capacity of cadres to 16 posyandu, optimizing the role of Bandungrejo Village-Owned Enterprises, building volleyball courts for the Ngasem District Sports Committee, paving the sub-district axis roads starting from Celangap Village, Sumengko Village, Kalitidu District – Bandungrejo Village, Ngasem District to the Department of Work Public Works (PU) Bojonegoro, the Community Information Board program for 18 community service agencies around the JTB project area, paving the way for farming businesses to the Bandungrejo Village government, as well as repairing the Celangap intersection traffic light for the Bojonegoro Public Works Department.

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