HSSE Culture

Pertamina EP Cepu continues to make the HSSE culture a fundamental principle in business strategy priorities. The embodiment of the implementation of HSSE Culture is reflected in how all aspects of HSSE are understood, valued and made a priority in an organization. This proves a real commitment to HSSE at all levels of the organization.

Quality in the implementation of the HSSE Culture from PT. Pertamina EP Cepu has continued to increase from 2018 to 2020. This increase was measured by conducting a Cultural survey, both by the Parent Company (PT. Pertamina Persero) and internally by PEPC to PEPC employees.

Attached below is a recapitulation of results from year to year:

Results of the 2020 Cultural Survey

An increase also occurred from the shift in the HSSE Calculative culture category to the HSSE Proactive Culture, both from the Management level, the employee level and the Work Partner level. Culture improvement is expected to reach the Generative level.

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