Excellent Safety

Mine Katek Wakatek & Worker Competence

Pertamina EP Cepu ensures that key personnel appointed by the government as KATEK (Head of Engineering) and WAKATEK (Vice Head of Engineering) Mines consistently implement HSSE aspects in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Forum Katek Tambang, is a refreshmentsession and discussion related to responsibilities as KATEK and WAKATEK Tambang. This is a communication forum for improving the implementation of HSSE aspects based on the applicable laws and regulations. The activity was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources who also presented materials related to Upstream Oil and Gas Safety so that it can be an enrichment of competence for the KATEK/WAKATEK Pertamina EP Cepu Mine as well as increase commitment in terms of safety.

In addition to the competence of the Mining Wakatek Catech, Pertamina EP Cepu also ensures that the personnel involved in oil and gas operations have the competence to ensure that operations can be carried out safely, safely and in an environmentally sound manner. This competency improvement is carried out by implementing various kinds of training and socialization related to K3LL both to employees and work partners/contractors.

Safety Barrier Program

HSSE Contractor Communication Forum (CCF)

Pertamina EP Cepu builds Cooperation to synergize with contractors and subcontractors in implementing HSSE aspects in the work area, one of which is by implementing the HSSE Contractor Communication Forum (CCF) program. This program is a meeting forum between the Company and Contractors/Sub-Contractors to make mutual agreements in the implementation of HSSE aspects in Operations.

On this occasion, a sharing session was held regarding the active implementation of HSSE from both the management of the contractor and the Company. Find various solutions to solve problems together.

On this occasion, coaching and sharing sessions related to best practices were also given in the hope of increasing awareness of safety from the participants, including lessons learned sessions from workers who have experienced accidents in other places to share and take positive lessons from the incident.

Pertamina Corporate Life Saving Rules (CLSR)

Pertamina Corporate Life Saving Rules (CLSR) is an area/type of work that statistically has the potential for fatality incidents, and risk control efforts must be made to reduce the potential for accidents. CLSR is compiled based on statistical data on contributory factor fatalities in the period 2011-2021 in Pertamina’s operating activities, to be the main lesson.

The CSSR has 15 elements as follows:
  1. Tools & Equipment
  2. Safe Zone Position
  3. Permit to Work
  4. Isolation
  5. Confined Space
  6. Lifting Operation
  7. Fit to Work
  8. Working at Height
  9. Personal Floating Device
  10. System Override
  11. Asset Integrity
  12. Driving safety
  13. Ground Disturbance
  14. Hot Work
  15. Management of Change

This is a basic safety rule that must be obeyed, explaining what is allowed and not done, when doing work in areas / types of work that have the potential ( contributory factor ) to the occurrence of fatality incidents and risk control efforts must be made to reduce the potential for fatality.

Proses Safety and Asset Integrity Management System (PSAIMS)

PT Pertamina EP Cepu is committed to always carrying out operations in a safe, reliable and environmentally sound manner by controlling risks to ensure aspects of occupational health and safety, process safety, security, environment, assets, reputation, and business continuity. In its operational activities, the Company manages process facilities that have the potential to cause major incidents of danger resulting from operational failures and leakage of hazardous materials that can cause fires or explosions, accidents, environmental pollution, and other impacts on the social environment around the operational activities that can tarnish Company reputation. Therefore, an effort is needed to control process safety risks by implementing the Process Safety & Asset Integrity Management System (PSAIMS) in operating, maintaining and developing assets in the Company’s operating environment.

The basic principles of PSAIMS are based on a commitment to Process Safety & Asset Integrity (PSAI), which is carried out dynamically and continuously through the implementation of 4 (four) pillars and 15 elements of PSAIMS so as to achieve “Zero Major Accident” and “Safe & Reliable Operations“.

Management Walkthrough

Top Level Management PT PEPC is committed to the HSSE aspect by interacting directly with workers, discussing and providing direction as well as a form of role model in prioritizing HSSE.

HSSE Observation

In ensuring the maintenance of safe behavior and safe conditions in the work area, Pertamina EP Cepu manages HSSE Observation using Tools: Safe Work Observation (PEKA) and U see U act report (Unsafe Act & Unsafe Condition).

To increase awareness of work safety, employees are encouraged to be actively involved in discovering unsafe conditions and unsafe behavior in the work environment either by filling in a PEKA card (Work Safety Observation) directly (Manual) or via the online web so that as soon as possible they are found and acted upon so they are not will end up being an incident.

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