Excellent Industrial Security

Security Profile

Pertamina EP Cepu’s Security Function is part of the HSSE Function (Heath, Safety, Security, Environment) which acts as the person in charge of the Company’s security with the main task of carrying out order and security of company assets consisting of personnel, material/equipment, operational activities of the company and documents/data in the company’s work area with regulating, guarding, escorting and patrolling activities with preemptive, preventive and repressive efforts through open security methods and closed security as well as in collaboration with security stakeholdersof the Police and TNI to ensure that the company’s business conditions and processes are safe, smooth and conducive without any significant security disturbances.

Pertamina EP Cepu’s security area covers the DKI Jakarta area (PEPC Head Office) and security in the work area and field. Pertamina EP Cepu Security consists of security personnel from both Organic and Non-Organic Workers as well as supported by Security Services Business Entity Security Personnel (BUJP) and Security Infrastructure Facilities.

Pertamina EP Cepu’s Security function builds capabilities in 3 things, namely People – Process – Technology in meeting the company’s expectations of security performance.

Security Information & Technology

Information is an integral part of managing day-to-day security operations. In this case, the Security function manages information obtained from the Field, Zone, Region, SHU and external parties that will be used to analyze security profiles. The results of the analysis will be used as the basis for decision making and as material for reports to SHU/HSSE. The Security function utilizes security technology by synergizing with the Information Technology(IT) Function as an integral component in managing company security, including but not limited to access cards, access control systems, CCTV systems, intrusion detection systems at the perimeter (PIDS) and security systems. patrol. The use of technology is expected to provide a force multiplier so that the Security function can run operations efficiently.

Community-Based Security

Community-Based Security aims to establish a harmonious relationship between companies and the community by reducing and dealing with potential conflicts/disruptions related to social communities through an integrated and sustainable approach.

Where possible, the company will try to build the resources and capabilities of the community so that they can overcome the security problems that exist in their environment, which in the end will greatly affect the security situation faced by the company.

Security Engagement

The Security function also carries out the Security Engagement work program as an effort to strengthen and support security by conducting cooperation and activities with Security Stakeholders.

Security Workshop with Security Stakeholders in the Bojonegoro area

Security Workshop with Security Stakeholders in the Bojonegoro area

Cooperation Agreement (PKS) for the Implementation of Security with Kopassus Group-2

Cooperation Agreement (PKS) for the Implementation of Security with Kopassus Group-2

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