Excellent Environment

One of the main policies of HSSE Pertamina EP Cepu 4 states that the Company always carries out business activities according to the “Green Operation” principle. In line with this statement, the President Director of Pertamina EP Cepu issued an Environmental Policy as a commitment to the management of the company’s business activities which is also intended to prevent and reduce adverse effects on natural and human resources.

The form of Social and Environmental Responsibility is the fulfillment of regulatory requirements related to construction activities, drilling, as well as operations preparation, operation and post-operation activities. The HSSE function ensures that every activity in the Pertamina EP Cepu work area is safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, efficient and of high quality.

Some of the environmental aspect activities as outlined in the Excellent Environment program carried out at Pertamina EP Cepu are:

  • Environmental Compliance
  • Environmental Beyond Compliance
  • Emission Reduction & Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Environment EDP
Environmental Compliance

Pertamina EP Cepu in an effort to manage its environment carries out activities to fulfill obligations in environmental aspects by carrying out Environmental Monitoring as a form of fulfilling commitments and compliance with environmental management and monitoring as contained in the AMDAL, Environmental Licensing and environmental monitoring (RKL-RPL) documents.

Monitoring the implementation of RKL-RPL and Environmental Licensing is carried out periodically at each stage of activity in accordance with the current work phases starting from the construction phase, drilling and preparation for operations, operating and post-operation phases so that the initiator can monitor the level of environmental management and continue to improve quality of environmental management and reduce the impact on the environment as early as possible. Monitoring activities carried out include environmental parameters affected by Project activities such as ambient air and noise, surface water quality, traffic density and social aspects, etc. Pertamina EP Cepu also monitors the status and progress of the ongoing Environmental Licensing.

With the implementation of monitoring the implementation of RKL-RPL and monitoring of Environmental Permits, it is hoped that it will be able to meet the provisions of the Blue PROPER where the Company has made efforts to manage the environment, which is required in accordance with the provisions or applicable laws and regulations. To ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations in Pertamina’s Operations Units and Subsidiaries that are not registered with PROPER, Pertamina Environment Regulation Compliance Assurance (PERCA) audits were conducted on several Regional Business Entities 4 Business Entities.

In addition to monitoring the implementation of RKL-RPL and Environmental Licensing, Pertamina EP Cepu also monitors comprehensive laws and regulations such as environmental audits, oil spill prevention, environmental management systems and other activities that are part of Pertamina EP Cepu’s monitoring to ensure compliance with Pertamina EP Cepu laws and regulations. and Regional Business Entity WK 4.

Environmental Monitoring (RKL-RPL)

Water Sampling Activities – Environmental Monitoring

Air Sampling Activities – Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Beyond Compliance

In addition to fulfilling environmental aspects in accordance with Environmental Regulations (compliance), Pertamina EP Cepu also makes more efforts in environmental management and efficient use of resources, as well as implementing social responsibility to the community (Beyond Compliance), namely by implementing the Environmental Management System; Energy Efficiency Efforts; Efforts to reduce emissions; Implementation of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle B3 and non B3 waste; Water Conservation and Wastewater Pollution Load Reduction; and Protection of Biodiversity. To measure performance and commitment in environmental management Beyond Compliance, PEPC, represented by five of its subsidiaries, participated in the environmental management assessment program from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, namely the PROPER Beyond Compliance Program. In 2021, Pertamina EP Cepu targets to get 2 Gold PROPER and 3 Green PROPER.

The Beyond Compliance environmental management program, in addition to focusing on the development of natural resource management, is also required to have a synergy with community development efforts. Some of the programs currently running include the Mangrove and coral reef planting program which was developed into a marine tourism park and a Mangrove Education park run by PHE WMO. This program in addition to trying to preserve the biodiversity of coastal and marine biota, also participates in developing the economy and education of the surrounding community. PHE JOB Tomori, which is located in the Sulawesi area, also runs an interesting program, namely conserving biodiversity by breeding an endemic owl species, Tyto Rosenbergii (Sulawesi Masked Owl), whose numbers are decreasing due to poaching. This program has succeeded in increasing the number of owls by 36 in one year (2019 – 2020). This owl breeding is then used to help residents to control the rat pest that often attacks the residents’ rice fields. The community benefits from this program, namely increasing rice yields due to reduced pests.

Owl Breeding Program – JOB Tomori

PHE WMO Bancaran Tour Program

PEPC Regional 4 Green & Gold PROPER Assistance Workshop Activities

Emission Reduction & Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Pertamina EP Cepu Regional 4 seeks to solve environmental and social problems to achieve an ideal and sustainable society as a form of implementing the concept of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). One form of environmental management effort that Pertamina EP Cepu is doing is managing CO2 gas emissions and has an emission reduction target of 0.25% of Total Emissions in 2020. CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases (GHG), which can severely impact on climate change if it is allowed to be vented / released into the environmentin a large quantity. This is in line with the plan of the Government of Indonesia which has a commitment in the national action plan for reducing greenhouse gases as stated in PP No. 61 In 2012, where Indonesia nationally targets to reduce CO2 gas emissions by 26% by 2020. In addition to Law No. 16 of 2016 regarding Climate Change, has mandated all stakeholders to play a role in achieving the Paris Agreement target for national emission reduction (Nationally Determined Contribution-NDC).

One of the efforts that have been made to reduce emissions is through the biodiversity program, namely tree planting by all WKs in Pertamina EP Cepu Regional 4, namely in the JOB TOMORI area, PHE WMO, PEP Field Sukowati, PEP Field Poleng, PEP Field Cepu, Pertamina EP Cepu JTB, PEP Field Papua and PHE TEJ. The types of trees planted are mangroves, trembesi trees, fruit trees and endangered trees. The total planting in the Regional Business Entity 4 WK reaches almost 240 Ha with more than 550,000 seedlings. This amount is equivalent to carbon sequestration of around 33 Tons of CO2 annually (Reporting Data on Reforestation of the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry July 2021 Regional 4 – SKK MIGAS).

In addition to the tree planting program, PEPC Regional 4 also carries out other activities related to ESG, namely at PEP Donggi Matindok Field in collaboration with PT Aimtopindi Nuansa Kimia to develop the use of sulfur into biosulfur fertilizer. Previously, sulfur which was a by-product of these operations could not be utilized, now it can be used as a fertilizer product that provides environmental benefits. This Organic Rice Program is Pertamina’s form of ESG value and supports the Sustainable Development Goals or SDG’s Goals 2 (zero hunger) and 15 (life on land). Where, the integrated farming program: the use of biosulfur as fertilizer in rice cultivation aims to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.

Trembesi Tree Planting Activities for CO2 absorption at PEPC JTB

Activities for Utilizing Sulfur into Biosulfur Fertilizer at PEP Donggi Matindok

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