Emergency Response

The safety aspect is the main focus in carrying out company operations, for that PEPC Regional 4 prepares various risk prevention efforts in order to mitigate the impact of operating activities on the environment, health, company assets and communities around the work area.

Emergency Response and Crisis Management is one of the activities that ensures that any unwanted event (emergency/incident) that occurs in the company does not escalate to the level of major consequences, both for people, the environment, assets, and reputation, or can be handled so that does not interfere with the company’s sustainability process in carrying out its business fields and functions.

Emergency Response and Crisis Management emphasizes prevention, preparedness, response/response, recovery and ensuring that every individual is responsive to emergency and/or crisis situations and conditions.

PEPC Regional 4 upholds commitments in the aspects of Health, Safety, security and Environmental Protection (Health, Safety, Security & Environment or HSSE) including anticipation of emergency preparedness in accordance with the Company’s Commitment in Guideline Number A8-001/PHE04000/2021-S9 Rev. 0 About Guidelines for Emergency Response Management and Crisis Management in Upstream Subholding Environments.

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