PKM Imation Raises the PEPC Flag in the 2014 CIP

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Fully aware of the importance of breakthroughs and solutions to production development, PT Pertamina EP Cepu through the CIP (Continuous Improvement Program) brought about sons and daughters who yielded brilliant and innovative ideas, such as that produced by the PKM Imation. PKM Imation was formed to seek solutions towards ensuring that production at the Jambaran – Tiung Biru (JTB) gas project maintains its commitment as set forth in the POD submittal to SKK Migas, namely a production of 315 MMSCFD for 16 years. The effect of this production commitment is fairly significant, failing which, the JTB Project may be hampered.

PKM IMATION is a team of Proyek Kendali Mutu (Quality Control Project) of which the initial formation was based on a topic to be raised during the 2014 CIP for the "Jambaran Tiung Biru Poject" covering the optimization of the JTB Field from the subsurface and surface engineering aspects.

The PKM personnel consists of 5 members from various functions and divisions, amongst which Ngurah Aryadhita Pranata (Reservoir), Raden Irfan (Planning and Evaluation/Reneval), Rinaldo Pasaribu (Engineering), Nor Hidayatullah (Reservoir) and Alfariko Adma (Reservoir). These people represented PEPC to compete in various CIP Awards events, both nationally and regionally.

They came together in a concerted effort to become the best team. Because of their multi-disciplinary background from 3 different divisions, they faced the challenge of working in tandem and in an aligned fashion due to their interconnection.

Similarly in their presentation, all members played their respective roles. These roles came through from their idiosyncratic features that complemented each other.

The forums in which PKM Imation took part and gained awards are the following:

  1. PEPC internal CIP Forum (Bandung) *Gold Category
  2. UPSTREAM CIP Forum (Cruise Ship Singapore – Penang) *No Category
  3. Pertamina Persero CIP Forum (Jakarta) *Gold Category
  4. National CIP Forum (Batam) * Platinum Category

Despite the prestigious awards they had gained, the PKM Imation team never ceases to strive for betterment. By engaging in continuous regulated and disciplined preparations, they hope to be able to attain an award at the international CIP forum. Ngurah Aryadhita Pranata, one of the members of the PKM Imation team said "we hope that PKM Imation can bring the reputation of Pertamina EP Cepu on to events that are not only organized domestically, but also internationally, with a view to bringing pride to Pertamina as a whole".


1. CIP at Internal PEPC : Gold (5th place)
2. CIP at Upstream Level : No award
3. CIP at Corporate Level : Gold (32nd)
4. CIP at National Level : Platinum (2nd Place)