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To ensure that oil & gas production operations run as expected in the field, members of the Board Of Commissioner (BOC) and Board of Directors (BOD) set out on an impromptu visit to the project sites of PT. Pertamina EP Cepu (PEPC) in Banyu Urip, Bojonegoro on Friday (7/11). This Management Walk Through (MWT) is a means employed by the PEPC Management to make unannounced visits in the 4th quarter of 2014.

In this MWT, the visiting members of the PEPC BOD to the Banyu Urip field included among others Bagus Sudaryanto, Boyke Moekijat and Insan Purwarisya L. Tobing. The Management present were PEPC President Director, accompanied by the Director of Operations RP. Yudantoro; Director of Business Support, Musa Umbas and the PEPC ADK Director, Perry Widyananda and other management personnel.

In the subsequent MWT, namely end November (27/14), the PEPC President Commissioner Andri T. Hidayat also conducted a site visit to the Banyu Urip field with other members of the BOC together with the PEPC President Director, Amril T. Mandailing.

Aside from surveying the real conditions at work sites that turn the company business wheels, MWTs provides a means to evaluate operations and serve to devise corporate strategies in the project’s development stages. This includes among others capturing shortcomings found in the field in view of introducing improvements and raising quality of company operations while not forgetting the Health, Security, Safety and Environment (HSSE) aspects.

The objects of MWT on this occasion were among others the Central Processing Facility at EPC 1 and the Early Oil Expansion (EOE) facilities, which were temporary means to raise oil production from the Banyu Urip field.

Generally speaking, this MWT turned out to the satisfaction of everyone. The EOE constituted a breakthrough by PEPC that was capable of raising oil production by 10,000 BOPD since mid-October. This impromptu MWT is expected to bring positive effect to the company advancement, as the management had verified the true situation in the field. Upon the field visit, the BOC and BOD will issue recommendations for the progress and optimization of the Banyu Urip field in the future and eventually contribute to meeting the domestic demand for energy.