PEPC Celebrated The 2013 End-Of-Year Celebration With Green Planet Program For Healthy Generations

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On Friday 27 December 2013, as part of a series of celebratory activities of Pertamina's 56th anniversary, PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PEPC) organized an event involving the presentation of tree seedlings symbolically to the District Military Command 0813 (KODIM 0813) and at the same time the opening of training for community clinic for women and infants (Posyandu) instructors by the symbolic presentation of donation in the form of equipments for the community clinics. This event took place at Dolokgede Town Hall, Dolokgede village, Tambakrejo district, Bojonegoro regency, attended by the District Military Commander 0813 Infantry Lieutenant-colonel Parwito, a representative of the Health Agency of the Bojonegoro regency, representatives from the Family Welfare Education Program Activist Teams of the Bojonegoro regency and the local mass media

PEPC was represented by the General Manager of Jambaran - Tiung Biru, Mr. Bob Wikan Haksara Adibrata who gave an opening speech and symbolically presented the tree seedlings to the Kodim 0813. PEPC handed over 20,000 seedlings to Kodim 0813 for re-distribution to 20 villages in four districts, namely Ngasem, Purwosari, Gayan and Tambakrejo districts. The recipient villages were Bandungrejo, Mediyunan (in Ngasem district), Gapluk, Kaliombo, Kuniran, Ngrejeng, Pelem, Punggur, Purwosari, Tinumpuk and Tlatah (Purwosari district); Mojodelik, Gayam, Brabowan, Bonorejo, Ngraho, Sudu (Gayam district); Kalisumber, Dolokgede and Malingmati (Tambakrejo district). The tree seedlings given consisted of Matoa, Jabon, rain trees and mahogany. This initiative was made in support of the "Green Planet" movement galvanized by PEPC in the Bojonegoro regency.

And for the program which upheld the "Healthy Generations" theme took the form of equipments for the community clinics and upgrading of its instructor' skills. In this case, PEPC donated goods which constituted standard community clinic's utilities such as mother and baby's needs, baby scales, child measuring tape, footscales, educational toys and informative posters. In the following days, 28 - 29 December 2013, at the same location, PEPC with the assistance of the PERTA MEDIKA specialist team gave training to upgrade the community clinics' instructors in nine villages, namely Kaliombo, Pelem, Kalisumber, Dolokgede, Bandungrejo, Malingmati, Purwosari, Kuniran and Gapluk villages. Each village assigned 1 to 2 instructors for the community clinics training by the PERTA MEDIKA team.

This training was aimed at improving the skills of the instructors of the community clinics in villages located around PEPC work areas. They are expected to be able to disseminate useful information for mothers in their respective villages and to provide services for the mothers, babies and toddlers in their community clinics in line with the standard set for the Bojonegoro regency. There were approximately 50 participants from 9 villages during the two-day training.

PEPC hopes that these activities help to promote the program of "A Green Planet for Healthy Generations" devised by PEPC for its operations area in Bojonegoro.