PEPC Launches its Corporate Social Responsibility Program at the "Birthplace" of the Indonesian Minister of the State Secretariat

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The operator of the Gas Unitization of Jambaran-Tiung Biru (J-TB), PT Pertamina Eksplorasi dan Produksi Cepu (PEPC) together with SKK Migas in cooperation with Pusdiklat Migas (Oil and Gas Educational and Training Centre) Cepu and the Manpower Agency of the Bojonegoro regency inaugurated the opening of the oil and gas industry training certification program at the Sports Centre in Dolokgede village, Tambakrejo sub-district, Bojonegoro regency on Friday, 30 January 2015.

Present at the occasion were the PEPC Director of Business Support, Musa Umbas, the JTB Project General Manager, Bob Wikan H. Adibrata, the PEPC Corporate Secretary ad interim, Toto Triantoro, the Second Assistant for Economic Affairs of the Bojonegoro Regency Administration, Setyo Yuliono, the Head of the Education and Training Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Jajang Sukarna, the Head of the Cepu Oil and Gas Education and Training Centre, Zainal Arifin, the District Leaders around the Cepu Block J-TB area and 175 training participants selected from a total 483 applicants.

In his welcoming speech, Setyo Yuliono – who represented the Bojonegoro regent, expressed his appreciation to PEPC for the cooperation. This training is expected to provide maximum opportunity to the Bojonegoro youth, considering that to obtain certification from the Cepu Oil an Gas Education and Training Centre was very expensive. "So, use this window of opportunity as best you can", he urged.

In the meantime, the Director of Business Support, Musa Umbas, stated that the Corporate Social Responsibility was a must for corporations so that the communities residing in the vicinity of the oil and gas exploration and exploitation can share in its benefits, especially contributing to welfare.

"In this period, PEPC provides four types of training to 175 Bojonegoro youth, selected from 483 applicants, in the skills scaffolding, rigging, pipe fitting, and mobile crane," he said.

He continued that the acquisition of knowledge and the award of this certification were crucial in career development as competition at the workplace will be extremely strife and selective. "Therefore, be diligent in this training and we pray for your success," he said.In the meantime, the Head of the Manpower Agency, Adie Witjaksono stated that skills training in oil and gas was aimed at five sub-districts around PEPC's oil and gas operating areas, namely Gayam, Purwosari, Kalitidu, Tambakrejo, and Ngasem. According to him, this cooperation/collaboration between PEPC and the Bojonegoro Regency Administration through the Manpower Agency and the Cepu Oil and Gas Education and Training Centre for the selected sub-districts was meant to establish closer ties between PEPC and the local populace and also as a means for the Bojonegoro Regency Administration to prepare the Bojonegoro communities to acquire competitive edge.

"In view of the job termination of workers due to the expiry of the exploration phase. Furthermore, this training also bridges the jobseekers with their respective skills," he emphasized.

Appreciation was also extended by the Minister for State Secretariat, Pratikno, for PEPC's initiative as operator of the Jambaran – Tiung Biru (J-TB) Gas Fields Unitization , to provide oil and gas training program and certification for the young people residing in its operating areas.

According to Pratikno, the training, which was centered towards oil and gas, to the people around J-TB, particularly to its young people, would provide the necessary experience and skills which might have been elusive to them thus far. Therefore, acquiring experience and skills in this field would enable them to compete as jobseekers in oil and gas projects anywhere they may contemplate.

"I am convinced that the 175 participants who undergo the training they have selected will enjoy its benefits. It is essential for them to be willing and serious in this endeavor," said Pratikno in the video conference recording played on the occasion of the launching of the Corporate Social Responsibility event organized by PEPC with the Bojonegoro Manpower Agency and the Cepu Oil and Gas Education and Training Centre.

"I extend my highest appreciation for the PEPC program aimed at the local residents and hope to take it to a higher level in the future. I hope that it benefits the local populace," added Pratikno, who was born at the Dolokgede village in the Tambakrejo sub-district, Bojonegoro, East Java.