PEPC's 12th Anniversary Celebration in Bojonegoro

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Bojonegoro - PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PEPC) workers assigned to the field, on Monday night (25/9) participated in celebrating the 12th anniversary of PEPC. The event was held modestly in the dining hall of the Hotel Aston Bojonegoro, in the presence of the PEPC Board of Directors and Management, PEPC representatives from the Jakarta office, all the field workers and other guests.

Mr. Bob Wikan H. Adibrata as General Manager of the JTB project gave his opening speech by extending his congratulations as PEPC had entered its 12th year and expressed his gratitude of PEPC’s important step, when earlier in the morning of the same day (25/9) the JTB project performed its groundbreaking ceremony. “This step marks an important turning point towards better steps in the future”, he said. A visit to the JTB project site was also planned by the President Director of Pertamina later in October and therefore Mr. Bob Wikan encouraged us to continue our efforts and demonstrate our ability to undertake this project in the best manner possible.

In the meantime, PEPC President Director Mr. Adriansyah, in his speech stated his pleasure and gratitude for PEPC’s for having stepped its 12th year. “This age is not a sufficiently mature age to undertake a project in a scale such as JTB, but we must show high spirits and accept the challenge from Persero,” he added. Mr. Adriansyah also said that “This is a crucial phase to PEPC, as the government is placing such a big trust on PEPC shoulders and this opens an opportunity where we can demonstrate our capabilities”. During this occasion, Adriansyah related the difficulties encountered while negotiating terms with ExxonMobil to gain their trust. It was certainly proven that PEPC’s capability was recognized to deliver Banyu Urip. “The JTB Project is expected to be the pride of Indonesia, so please, work with pride.”

PEPC’s 12th anniversary was marked by the blowing of candles and cutting the birthday cake by the PEPC President Director together with other members of the BOD, with pieces presented to a number of youngest workers in the field, and the event wrapped up with prayers and a photo session. Happy Anniversary to PEPC, let’s move forward and reach the skies!!.