PEPC Celebrates 2,000 Days of No Lost Time Accidents

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PT. Pertamina EP Cepu (PEPC) celebrated its HSSE Month for 2,000 days without LTA by organizing a ‘walk for health’ on Friday, 17 April 2015 in Bojonegoro. In this activity, which was designated a ‘Safety Campaign’, more than 150 people took part, composed of PEPC employees, the district and area leaders from the Bojonegoro, Blora and Tuban regencies, the Bojonegoro PSC contractors and partners, the mass media and other members of the society.

Consistent with the event’s designation, the PEPC President Director, Amril Thaib Mandailing in his opening address reiterated the importance of PEPC workers’ safety in particular, and the Bojonegoro community in general. His address was followed by that of the Bojonegoro Military District Commanding Officer, Donova Pri Pamungkas, who spoke on behalf of the Bojonegoro Regent.

The fully-packed event got rolling at 6 A.M. with a mass physical exercise, healthy walk, socializing and entertainment, and also the award ceremony for achievement of 2,000 days without Lost Time Accidents, blood donation, trophy awards for badminton competition, safety meeting, PEKA and presentation of appreciation to villages located within the closest vicinity of the company, who contributed to safety concerns. The event culminated with the award presentation to the participants in the walk who won the door-prize. The entire event wrapped up at around 10 A.M, with prayers and a group photo-session.