PEPC Participates to Increase Emergency Response Vigilance in Purwosari

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Bojonegoro - Disasters, both natural disasters and non-natural disasters, are serious problems that must be faced by the Indonesian people, including residents in Bojonegoro. Disasters can happen at any time, and always in an unprepared situation. Starting from fires, earthquakes, flash floods, to what Indonesia is currently facing, namely non-natural disasters, pandemics, aka medical disasters.

For this reason, the community needs to be given sufficient understanding in the context of emergency response preparedness.

In order to avoid and mitigate potential disasters in the community, PT Pertamina EP Cepu supported Muspika Purwosari in holding a Disaster Management Training which was held in Kaliombo Village, Purwosari District, Bojonegoro, East Java on Thursday (22/10). Opened by the Head of Purwosari Sub-district, Sugeng Firmanto and acting as resource person in this training are; PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PEPC), the Health Office, BPBD Bojonegoro and the Fire Department, explained about the handling of emergency response conditions to village communities in Purwosari District. Including simulations in the event of a fire disaster in the house, which was caused by a leak of LPG gas.

In its session, PEPC gave explanations to participants consisting of villagers to village officials as well as village heads of all Purwosari sub-districts about the emergency response process in the oil and gas sector. Kaliombo Village, where the training took place is one of the operational areas of the Jambaran-Tiung Biru (JTB) Unitization Gas Field Development Project. PEPC educates the participants regarding the types of hazards in oil and gas production, including how to anticipate them.

JTB Site Office & PGA Manager, Edy Purnomo, gave his appreciation to Muspika Purwosari who took the initiative to hold this activity. Synergy with both the government and other stakeholders is important in order to provide programs that will have a good impact on society.

"Providing knowledge and training in disaster management to the community is quite important to continue. Moreover, apart from natural disasters, this training also provided material related to non-natural disasters such as pandemics and was given directly by qualified sources. We appreciate this activity "explained Edy.

In addition, the HSSE PEPC representative, Tinoto was present to provide material related to the technical introduction of safety aspects in the oil and gas industry. According to Tinoto, the oil and gas industry always uses equipment that is full of technology, sometimes there is also a high risk, however everything can be done safely because the workers are trained to always be disciplined in applying high safety standards, so they can work safely.

Meanwhile, the representative of BPBD Bojonegoro, Zaenul, who provided insight into the disaster to the participants, said that the public must always be alert and alert when facing situations that are not as usual. Even though they occur suddenly, they usually give signs, such as a tsunami disaster, forest fires and so on, all have initial signs.

"This activity contains knowledge and information on how to deal with disasters, at least the participants here can also convey to colleagues, relatives, relatives and neighbors what they got from this activity," said Zaenul.

In this training, also presented a resource person from the Bojonegoro Health Office, Dr. Whenny Dyah P. who is also the COVID-19 Response Task Force. Apart from that, it was also attended by representatives from the Kodim and Polres Bojonegoro. Please note based on data from BPBD Kab. Bojonegoro, Bojonegoro have several potential disasters such as fire, flood and at the same time drought.

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing, this activity is carried out by implementing strict health protocols to prevent the spread of the corona virus, namely maintaining distance, wearing masks and washing hands with soap or antiseptic liquid. The committee has prepared everything so that the protocol can run strictly.