PEPC Management Walktrough in COVID-19 Pandemic

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Bojonegoro 904/05) – In the middle of COVID-19 pandemic situation, which has limited each movement, the PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PEPC) shows its positive work progress towards Jambaran – Tiung Biru Unitization Field Gas Project. The company’s management held Management Walkthrough (MWT) to Gas Processing Facility (GPF) construction area and Drilling operations area in Bojonegoro, East Jawa.

Kegiatan "kunjungan" Direktur Utama beserta Komisaris Utama PEPC ini tentu tidak melanggar protokol kesehatan World Health Organization (WHO) lantaran dilakukan secara virtual. Direktur Utama PEPC Jamsaton Nababan dan Board of Directors PEPC serta para manajer “mengunjungi" lokasi pekerjaan GPF di Bojonegoro, Jawa Timur melalui video conference dari Jakarta.

MWT went on an unique procedure. Since there are prohibition to hold on face to face meeting, they were going virtual. The Main Commisioner of PEPC, Gandhi Sriwidodo, Main Director PEPC Jamsaton Nababan accompanied by Board Of Director, VPs and Managers were also put up their attention to GPF and Drilling by online video conference from Jakarta.

“We hope, this situation would not stop our visit to ensure the Strategic National Project to progressing.” Said Gandhi Sriwidodo.

In the meantime, Charles H. Tobing, General Manager Gas Project JTB explained the progress in field Bojonegoro. All workers have been optimizing each work, they have responsibility to assure OTOBOSOR runs well. So PEPC could run on time, on budget on spec and on return.

“Safety Manhours has reached 15.472.297. In field, we are facing COVID-19 pandemic by applying rapid test to each workers. We also hold coordination with COVID-19 Task Force from District Bojonegoro.

Virtually, Commissioner and Main Director communicate with one of the workers. “I would like to say thanks to PEPC and JTB workers, who have been working from home or working from office, to maintain their hard work in finishing their work in pandemic situation.” Said Gandhi appreciates each workers.

Jamsaton Nababan as the Main Director of PEPC reminded PEPC workers to keep healthy, stay on fit and also to apply physical distancing and not to travel during pandemic.

The visit itself has given new spirit to workers.