PEPC Goes Green for Planet Earth

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"Let's Go Green with PEPC for Planet Earth, pass down a healthy atmosphere to the nation's next generation".

As an enterprise that upholds its social responsibility towards the communities in its surroundings, PT Pertamina EP Cepu consistently extends real contribution through its CSR programs. Such programs covers a number of important aspects amongst which Education, Community Health, the Environment and Community Empowerment. Through its CSR programs, PEPC is committed to contribute the best and the most beneficial efforts to the surrounding community. One amongst the many PEPC programs involving environment conservation is tree-planting or re-vegetation.

At the village of Embung Blibis, Purwosari, Bojonegoro Regency, on Thursday, 11 September 2014, PEPC planted 10,000 seedlings of the rain tree and sunan candlenut tree. This event was symbolically attended by Mr. Amril T. Mandailing, PEPC President Director, accompanied by Mr. Musa Umbas, Director for Business Support, Mr. Bob Wikan H.A, GM for Jambaran – Tiung Biru, and Mr. Abdul Malik, PGA & Relations Manager. Since 2011, PEPC has been planting a significant number of trees, numbering in the one hundred thousand in order to create a healthy environment. This feat is evidence of PEPC’s active involvement in efforts at environment conservation in this country.

These trees have been particularly selected for the high capacity of the rain tree to absorb ten times more CO2 than other types of trees. Furthermore, the rain tree also has the capacity to effectively reduce gas concentration. At the same time, the sunan rain tree itself supports efforts at overcoming global warming and support REDD (reduce emission deforestation and degradation). This is forecast to subsequently support the need for fossil fuel (which will be depleted) as a renewable energy alternative.

Actions with these trees are expected to go beyond just mere planting as a commitment is needed from all parties to partake in their maintenance in view of turning them into valuable assets to benefit the next generations.