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BLORA - The Blora Regency currently sees an increasing potential of producing oil wells, following the exploration of existing wells in the Blora area by PT Pertamina EP Cepu Alas Dara Kemuning (PEPC ADK) namely the well of Nglobo Timur (NGBT#01), now initiating NGBU#04 well re-entry for additional domestic oil production.

The re-entry of the NGBU#04 well was inaugurated by the Blora Regent, Djoko Nugroho together with the Commissioners of PT Pertamina EP Cepu, Bagus Sudaryanto & Boyke Moekijat, and the Director of PEPC ADK Perry Widyananda. The inauguration was marked by the sounding of a siren at the site of the NGBU#04 well at the Nglobo village, sub-district of Jiken, Blora, Central Java, on Friday (7/11).

According to Perry Widyananda, at the ADK Work Area are five wells that had existed before, to all of which will be conducted re-entry. Currently only two of them have undergone re-entry. Re-entry was conducted to assess the wells reservoir potential. “Looking from the location and geography, we are convinced that this NGBU 04 well contains more than the other wells. We hope to obtain positive production test results for immediate report to the SKK Migas and expediting commercialization”, he said.

Following the ceremony, the Blora Regent Djoko Nugroho enthusiastically welcomed the development by PEPC ADK. “One thing is clear: the community draws benefit from the ADK well operation. They gather a better perspective, moving from ignorance to understanding, not to mention the better welfare they will enjoy from it’,” he said.

On the same occasion, the PEPC Commissioner Bagus Sudaryanto expressed his hope for a successful well re-entry which would lead to favorable production and bringing benefit to Pertamina, the society and the country. Finally, the delegation moved on to the well location to check on the operating conditions.