Preventing CoVD-19 Spread, PEPC Sprayed Disinfectant to JTB Project Area

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Bojonegoro (21/03/2020) – The preventing action against Corona Virus spreading has been creating an intense issue for PT Pertamina EP Cepu. The company urged to do disinfectant spraying to its premises. This could be seen in many office areas, such as the head office in Jakarta, Patra Jasa Office, the field office in Bojonegoro, and EPC Gas Processing Facility (GPF) as well.

The activities was done in Saturday, 21 March 2020, in collaboration with office management, from the Patra Jasa management itself, The Residence and The Management of Consortium PT Rekayasa Industri – Japan Gas Corporation – Japan Gas Indonesia or usual called as RJJ.

The spray guys were completed with Personal Protective Equipment or PPE, they wore plastic coverall, masks, gloves, head cover, safety goggles and safety shoes. They sprayed meeting room, work station or cubicle where all workers spent much time working, parking lot for cars and motorcycles, security room, pantry, mosque and many other rooms.

“We are doing this as well to our meeting room, sport center, driver shelter. We’re even doing the similar action to our site office, in GPF project. This shows our initiative in preventing COVID-19 spreading issue.” Said Edy Purnomo, Manager Assistant Field Relations PEPC.

“We sprayed the project area, as soon as we got the letter from Director of PT Pertamina (Persero), PEPC Director and the Head of Bojonegoro Regency. Those letters suggested us to take action in COVID-19 spread in community. However, our project is established amongst community in Bojonegoro and we have done this to prevent our workers from COVID-19 contagion.”

“Action time for spraying was from 15.00 WIB to 17.00 WIB. We have plan to do this continuously.” Edy added.

PEPC has certain ways to prevent their workers to anticipate COVID-19 virus, in instance shares pamphlet and bulletin over cleanliness and healthy awareness to each workers, screening workers who has rotating, in-out schedule in site area, checking workers’ body temperature, sharing hand sanitizer and vitamin to workers, limited prohibition to workers over fifty year-old to take part in the office, this goes as well to workers who are pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers, and applies this to workers who outwardly in unhealthy condition. The company is providing extra hand wash equipment which are placed in strategic areas in JTB Project.

Defrinaldo as HSSE Manager said, what the company does is a tangible action to prevent workers from COVID-19 transmissible.

“If workers feel a bit under the weather, unhealthy, please be calm and decide to stay at home. Working from Home is pretty much suggested. They could use their time to stabilize their immune. Once more, we appeal to all workers not to use public transportation during traveling. It is like bus, electrical train, taxi, online taxi and motorbike taxi. Just please stay home for a while.” Defrinaldo ended the conversation.