Walking for Health & Volleyball Competition 50TH NATIONAL HEALTH DAY CELEBRATION A Healthy Nation - a Healthy Land Pertamina EP Cepu in 2014 (PEPC)

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On 14 November 2014, all personnel and partners took part in a healthy walk and in volleyball competition in which more than 300 personnel and partners of PEPC in Jakarta were involved. The volleyball competition advanced 6 PEPC Directorates, amongst which the President Director's Team, the Operations Director's Team, the Development Director's Team, the Business Support Director's Team, the PEPC ADK Team and the Partners Team.

The purpose of this exercise is to turn physical and or sports activities into a habit to be espoused by both personnel and partners, to enhance teamwork and to establish closeness among the personnel, to improve their health and fitness for a better performance. The volleyball competition is aimed at nurturing togetherness and closer ties while at the same time promote a culture of health awareness. A means to promote health by engaging in simple, inexpensive and enjoyable sports activities. These took place at the Pertamina’s Sports Centre for Volleyball & Basketball Fields in, Simprug, South Jakarta.

The event started with registration and the distribution of pedometers prior to the walk and was initiated by a welcoming address from the PEPC President Director. The healthy walk was followed by the volleyball competition by and between the directorates' teams.

In his speech, the President Director presented the outcome of a health survey conducted at the PEPC head office during the period from 21 July through 5 September 2014 on 41 % of PEPC personnel at that time (88 of 214 personnel) revealing that 78.8% were overweight and from which 22 .2 % were even categorized as obese according to the Body Mass Index criteria from the World Health Organization. As many as 66 .6 % have potbellies with a girth of 90 cm for men and 22.2 % of them have large potbellies, which is an indicator of risks for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus.

One of the ways to prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus is to engage in a healthy walk for it is not only inexpensive and does not require any specific equipment, but it can also be carried out anytime anywhere. It reduces the risks of stroke, lowers blood pressure and level of cholesterol and increases HDL or 'good lipids' in the body, fights fat, thickens bone mass to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, lowers body weight, stress, risks of colon cancer, diabetes, etc.

The President Director also encouraged all personnel to view this occasion of health celebration in 2014 as engagement in activities that are preventive and promotional, particularly for the health programs contemplated for 2015.

The response gathered from these activities showed enthusiasm and the majority welcomed the event as something beneficial to be conducted quarterly. (HSSE & HC PEPC)