PEPC Assistance for Earthquake Victims in Aceh

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Jakarta - An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on the Richter scale that rocked Aceh on December 7, 2016, caused deep sorrow for the communities affected by the natural disaster. In order to lighten their burden, on Tuesday (24/01) in Banyu Urip Room, Patra Jasa building, PT Pertamina EP Cepu (PEPC) provide assistance directly handed by PEPC President Director, Adriansyah, through Pos Kemanusiaan Peduli Umat (PKPU).

The handover of this assistance is the realization of the National Disaster Relief Program and the PEPC concern for the earthquake victims that hit 3 (three) districts in Aceh: Pidie, Pidie Jaya and Bireuen. The President Director of PEPC, Adriansyah, expressed his concern over the damage and losses caused by the earthquake disaster in Aceh.

As a state-owned company that exploits oil and gas in Indonesia, PEPC has an obligation to participate in assisting earthquake victims, although the material value of the aid provided is not worth the loss they suffered, but at least PEPC share the suffering experienced by the quake victims. Hopefully PEPC participation can slightly reduce the losses suffered by the community. Adriansyah hopes that this aid will bring goodness and blessing to disaster victims, companies, and nation and state.

PKPU Partnership Director Andjar Radite expressed his grateful and gratitude for the assistance provided by PEPC, and explained that PKPU is a social institution that plays a role in channeling humanitarian aid with the government. One of its programs is to respond to disaster victims, including the earthquake in Pidie Jaya. The first earthquake that occurred on December 7, 2016 then followed by several aftershocks magnitude 5.9-6.5 Richter scale, causing 104 deaths, 11,700 houses severely damaged, and 45 thousand people displaced.

The emergency response status ended on December 20, 2016, but based on the Decree of the Governor of Aceh no. 360/952/2016, the recovery period is up to 20 March 2017. There are 5 (five) government policy sectors related to recovery, namely: housing, infrastructure, fractured roads, social creative economy and education, with budget Which was submitted for 2.7 trillion. With this large budget, the help of all elements of society will be very meaningful for local governments to rebuild the areas damaged by the earthquake. PKPU focuses on providing and distributing assistance from philanthropists in the field of clean water supply, construction of houses of worship, education (boarding school), and residences for the community. (RY)